News TemplateKifowit to Head the Committee on Personnel & Pensions


                                   from State Representative Stephanie Kifowit  

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Feb 7, 2023                                                                            State Rep. Stephanie Kifowit  



Kifowit to Head the Committee on Personnel & Pensions  



Aurora, IL – State Representative Stephanie Kifowit, D-Oswego, has been appointed to serve as Chair of the Personnel and Pensions committee for the 103rd Illinois General Assembly legislative session. She will also serve on two additional House committees.



“As the new Chair of the Personnel and Pensions Committee, I look forward to ensuring existing retirees will continue to be able to collect their pensions, work towards solutions to our pension debt and continue to be an outspoken advocate of fiscal responsibility and transparency. Last session, we balanced the budget, cut spending, and made extra pension payments. I will continue to demand that responsible financial stewardship,” said Kifowit. “In my ten years as a State Representative, I have worked tirelessly to restore integrity and fiscal responsibility to state government, and I look forward to continuing that work in the 103rd General Assembly.”



In addition to her chairmanship role, Kifowit was appointed to serve as a member on the Illinois House committees, Veterans’ Affairs and Revenue and Finance. Kifowit has previously chaired the House Veterans’ Affairs committee and is the most senior Veteran member in the Illinois House. Throughout her tenure in the General Assembly, Kifowit has been part of the Budget Working Group for five years and has been Vice Chairman of General Services Appropriation for eight years.



"While I was not able to chair both the Veterans’ Affairs and Personnel and Pensions Committees in the 103rd General Assembly, I am still serving as a member on the Veterans’ Affairs Committee and I am proud to once again work on legislation to support our service members and their families,” said Kifowit. “As a Veteran of the United States Marine Corps, I understand the unique set of circumstances that our service members face. I am excited to get to work in this new legislative session and am optimistic about the progress we can make in the coming months.”
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