News Template6 Features That Will Increase Newsletter Readership

Nothing is more disheartening than pouring your time and energy into a project that gets overlooked. This might be how you’re feeling, though, if your small business’s newsletter hasn’t garnered the audience you want. Luckily, the following six strategies from the Aurora Regional Chamber of Commerce can help you increase readership and boost your customer base in the process, too.
1. Engaging Content
The single most important element of any small business newsletter is the content it contains. If you’re sending out emails that offer no value to readers, you’ll see subscription rates remain stagnant. Conversely, if your newsletters provide genuinely useful information — such as guides, facts, and stories that appeal to users — you will see readership grow.
2. Data Visualization
A major component of your newsletter’s engagement potential is how you present information to readers. Although text is an essential element, you should also consider incorporating data visualization to share ideas in a variety of ways. This can keep content fresh and grab the attention of your readers more effectively.
3. Polished Aesthetics
Your audience won’t just be reading your newsletter — they’ll be looking at it, too. You need to craft graphics to accompany its text and ensure that the result is consistent with your business’s aesthetic branding. If you don’t have the design chops to pull this off, consider hiring a freelance graphic designer. Similarly, you should hire a professional writer if you need help drafting your newsletter’s text.
4. Magazine-Style Formatting
There are many tools you can use to bring your newsletter to life by sharing, editing, and designing it. One of these tools is a PDF converter that allows you to drag and drop a file with an easy-to-use online tool and convert it to a PDF. With this tool, you can format your newsletter like a magazine.
5. A Clear Objective
Perhaps the most important feature of a small business newsletter is a clear objective outlining its purpose. You need to know exactly who you want to read your newsletter and what action their readership will prompt. Identifying these goals will help you create laser-focused content that’s engaging to your target demographic.
6. Identifiable Branding
You must also pay close attention to the branding of your newsletter. Your business’s logo should be displayed prominently, and you should be sure that the text in the newsletter is consistent with your brand voice. Similarly, its graphics should align with your brand aesthetic. Finally, don’t make the mistake of sending the newsletter from an email address that’s unbranded.
Avoid These Newsletter Mistakes
Failure to use a branded email address isn’t the only major mistake you can make. You must also be careful to avoid common missteps such as buying an email list —this will make your newsletter look like spam. You should never forget a call to action, either — an invitation to shop, follow on Facebook, or use a discount code will suffice. According to Campaign Monitor, only 21.5% of emails from brands get opened. Don’t forget to monitor your results with a tool that tracks readership, open rates, and whether the newsletter works the way it should.
Reach More Readers with the Right Strategy
No matter what kind of business you run, a newsletter is a great way to boost its profile. With engaging content and a PDF conversion tool, you have everything you need to create a newsletter that’s appealing to new customers. But be sure to avoid common mistakes, like using a bought list or omitting a call to action. You want your newsletter to be opened, read, and received well. If you give your readers something with value, you will see the rewards, too.