News TemplateEarthmover Credit Union Contribution to Local Coronavirus Relief Fund Will Help Vulnerable Children

Earthmover Credit Union Contribution to Local Coronavirus Relief Fund Will Help Vulnerable Children and Families
AURORA, IL, April 30, 2020 – In an effort to help the most vulnerable members of the community during this time of economic crisis, Earthmover Credit Union (ECU) has donated $5,000 to the Fox Valley Coronavirus Relief Fund. The fund, launched by Fox Valley United Way (FVUW) in March, is gathering business and individual contributions to rapidly deploy resources to social service agencies in Kane and Kendall counties that are experiencing a significantly greater demand for services.
With unemployment and underemployment rising, and with schools and their associated support programs shut down, more and more families need help with food, housing, healthcare and more. The organizations supported by Fox Valley United Way are seeking expanded assistance—in some cases to meet the needs of three to four times as many people as they normally serve.
ECU quickly answered the call to make a difference in the community despite widespread economic uncertainty. “Companies that step up and LIVE UNITED speak volumes about their concern for their neighbors in need,” said Michael Meyer, CEO of Fox Valley United. Way. “While many say ‘we are all in this together’, Earthmover Credit Union is tangibly creating change for the most vulnerable in the community.”
As a company committed to promoting the common good, a donation to the Coronavirus Relief Fund helps to advance ECU’s social impact. According to CEO Kelly McDonough,
“This is a time of great difficulty for our community, indeed for our nation. At Earthmover, we are looking for ways that we can lift up and strengthen others and make this time easier to get through. As an organization we are blessed with the great good fortune of a committed and loyal membership base and therefore great financial strength. Therefore, it is incumbent upon us to reach out to others when we can and share that good fortune. 
There is no better partner in the community than the United Way to meet the needs of the community. Better than any other organization, they are in touch with the needs of the community and know where our dollars can do the greatest good. We are delighted to partner with them at this time.”
The contribution, along with those of other businesses and community members, is helping fund 24 organizations that address basic human needs in Kane and Kendall counties. For more information about the Fox Valley Coronavirus Relief Fund, please visit Learn more here.
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Fox Valley United Way
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