News TemplateKluber Architects + Engineers Announces Expansion into Aurora


AURORA, ILL. (PRWEB) FEBRUARY 12, 2021  - Kluber Architects + Engineers, an in-house architecture and engineering firm, has closed on the future site of their new office building on 41 W. Benton Street in Aurora

Though the new office location selection has been nearly a year in the making, Kluber Architects + Engineers has spent the last several months designing the significant improvements for the space. The building, which formerly served as the West Aurora administration office, had long sat vacant. Now, the building will be home to luxury apartment spaces in the top floors, and Kluber’s new office space on the lower level and first floors-- A true mixed use downtown development project.

“Moving to Aurora has been a long time coming,” said Mike Kluber, President of Kluber Architects + Engineers. “Our firm is growing substantially, so it only makes sense to continue our tradition of investing in local downtown areas to accommodate that growth. We’re thrilled to bring a part of the downtown, of my hometown, back to life and to support the City of Aurora.”

The building, now home to Esser Lofts and Apartments and Kluber Architects + Engineers, was previously in great need of repair. Between refurbishing its aging windows and dilapidated exterior, as well as bringing the building up to code, Kluber’s renovation and investment is a breath of fresh air to West Benton Street.

“As long-time members of both the Aurora Regional Chamber and the Aurora community, we are thrilled to welcome Kluber Architects + Associates to downtown Aurora,” said Jessica Linder Gallo, President & CEO of the Aurora Regional Chamber of Commerce. “Local businesses of all sizes are the backbone of our economy, and the addition of Kluber Architects + Associates to Aurora is an example of the resiliency and continued growth happening here. We look forward to our continued partnership for many years to come.”

Kluber Architects + Engineers completed similar renovations on their corporate headquarters in Batavia, offering a major revitalization to an area of town that was previously in great distress. Since their renovation to the Batavia office on South Shumway Street, numerous businesses have also made their way to the area and to support Downtown Batavia. This rejuvenated a sizeable portion of the City’s historical district and brought forth several successful developments the area desperately needed. Kluber Architects + Engineers is optimistic that their investment in the City of Aurora will have a similar impact to the surrounding area.

“Kluber’s investment is proof of their commitment to the revitalization of the Downtown area. We are looking forward to seeing them grow in Aurora for many years to come,” said Bryan Gay, President of Invest Aurora.
Though the news of their expansion was only announced recently, the support and reaction from the Aurora community has already been tremendous.

“It’s one thing to have an amazing business move into town, but it’s another level when that business is also a committed corporate partner,” said Aurora Mayor Richard C. Irvin. “Kluber Architects + Engineers is both. The move speaks volumes about Kluber’s belief in and vision for Aurora. It is a shared vision that we have spoken about many times. We are bringing that vision into reality, right in the heart of our downtown. Welcome home, Mike and team!”
The firm has office spaces in Batavia, Chicago, and Bloomington, Illinois. Their new Aurora office space will feature a modernized design and welcoming gathering areas for clients and employees. Kluber Architects + Engineers anticipates the building to be ready for use in late 2021.

About Kluber Architects + Engineers:
Kluber Architects + Engineers is an integrated architecture and engineering firm headquartered in Batavia, Illinois. The firm opened 33 years ago and has been serving the Northern Illinois area ever since. Kluber Architects + Engineers offers architecture and engineering services to the municipal, educational, health care, and private sectors in Illinois. Some of their most prominent work includes the recently completed Will County Health Department, Elgin Community College Health & Life Science building, and the in-progress Old Copley Hospital renovation in Aurora.